and so, maybe: maybe metal hides some other way of Expression. Maybe: in seeing it move under the hammer blows, in colours that change at the heat of the fire; in the forcing of bends, or tips or blades inside it - or against it. In taking it out of the acid, matt - silvery. In polishing it with Love. In letting it standing out strong, and contrasting, against fabric and skin and hair: extending lines of force, pushing the beholder's eyes - or yours - deeper, Inside.
It's an Art by itself - even if "minor" and mistreated: and she needs affection. Yes - affection.
Hi!, I'm Davide. I try to be a metalsmith. My other vices was good prose, and is powerlifting.
Now scroll down, pliiz.

waitage and anxiety

so here lieth the reason why I prefer not to do prizes: beacusa of the waiting, the expectations, the these-things related. But it was well worth to "run for the rings" (?), to lose sleep and peace-of-mind to finish the pieces, and so here we are, waiting.
Here some links
something about the prize's theme:
prize's facebook page:
and this is the jury, as announced yesterday, sunday:

Professor GianCarlo Montebello – designer di gioielli 
Gigi Mariani - artista orafo, direttivo Agc
Paulo Ribeiro – responsabile Joya Barcelona Conteporary Jewellery Fair
Eliana Negroni – curatore per il progetto Gioielli in Fermento Premio Torre Fornello

Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi - presidente onorario

Curator says that there were 70 submissions.
Fingers' crossing.

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